Shooting of the film Enigma in Quorn, June 2000

A Day on the Set

The Great Central Railway played host to the cast and crew of the film Enigma between 5th and 8th June 2000. Filming took place at Loughborough station earlier in the week - the station will appear as Bletchley, Rugby and Glasgow in the movie.

Quorn station (playing Bletchley) was used throughout 7th June and it was on this day we joined in the action on set, in the midst of the stars, the many local extras and the film crew. From the main cast, all but Kate Winslet were filming at Quorn - due to Kate's pregnancy her scenes were completed by early May.

Watching the making of a film is a fascinating experience - even more so when the scene is 1943 and the costumes are so magnificently detailed. Enormous attention is paid to the hairstyles, with every stray hair carefully put back in its place before a scene is shot. Around 80 extras were on set - all local people who had replied to an advertisement in the Loughborough Echo, which attracted over 1,000 responses. Despite long periods waiting and the early start (around 7 a.m. for many) those people we spoke to were clearly enjoying the day.

The weather was good with plenty of sunshine however the frequent passing of clouds caused much of the waiting around for the next shot. For continuity reasons a scene must be shot in the same light throughout, so any clouds were unwelcome. Many scenes required four or five takes, and there was often a rush to get another take before the next cloud passed over.


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