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Quorn Village - welcome

This website supports community groups, the Parish Council, and businesses in Quorn. It is funded by local businesses, Quorn Parish Council, email subscriptions and a website design company.

We rely on your input to keep this site up to date, so please contact us if you can contribute.

Quorn Village News

Quorn Parish Council - job vacancy and invitation to tender

Posted to website June12thd 2019

There are currently two job vacancies (one with extended deadline), and tenders are invited for Christmas lights provision. Read details.

Quorn Parish Council News - June 2019

Posted to website June 23rd 2019

June was another busy month for the new council and the 4th June council meeting resolved to approve the Annual Governance and Accounting Statement. The Internal Auditors Report summary was presented, and this confirmed that the council's finances were healthy.

The three standing committees met during the month with the Grounds and Facilities members also taking a familiarisation walk around the green spaces in the village. All agreed this was a useful exercise with several items being added to the Clerk's task list. Residents are reminded that they too can contact the Clerk if they notice problems with parish lands or equipment.

Several initiatives were agreed at committee and include:

The introduction of defibrillator awareness session designed specifically for public access defibrillator schemes, and to cover the areas such as legal issues, Cardiac Arrest, how to call 999, etc.

Facilitating the development of a Community Response Plan which will enable our community to come together, to think about what it can do to prepare for emergencies.

Introduction of Parish Councillors surgery sessions allowing residents to have a chat about issues or concerns regarding Parish Matters.

The tender process for the supply of the villages Christmas lights and two job vacancies, one for a Grounds and Facilities Officer, and an Administration Assistant are currently being advertised.

More details of these initiative will be published in due course.

Also, the Council, working with the Quorn Local History Group, Leicestershire Museum Service, Community Library and residents has honoured its commitment to place the HMS Quorn Bell on display and it is now available as part of a display in the Library during the library opening hours.

For further information, visit the Parish Council web site at www.quorndon.com/parishcouncil/.

HMS Quorn

Posted to website June 15th 2019

In December 2017, HMS Quorn, a Hunt Class mine counter measures vessel, was decommissioned from the Royal Navy after over 30 years of service during which time she had served in operations around the UK, Europe and the Middle East. She also played a leading role with NATO on numerous exercises in the Baltic and Mediterranean.

Quorn Parish Council as an affiliate of HMS Quorn was gifted the ship's bell to be displayed in the village. Over the years the village and the ship's crew had established a relationship that included visits and sports events.

It took a while for the legal matters to be sorted out, as technically the Bell still remains the property of the Admiralty, so it was almost a year later that the bell and also the ship's Ensign arrived in Quorn in time to be on display in St Bartholomew's United Church as part of the village's Armistice Commemorations.

With the help of the Quorn Local History Group, a display cabinet was sourced and provided by the Leicestershire Museum Service. The group working closely with the Quorn Community Library and Parish Council have provided a permanent display area with information on all three of the ships that carried the name HMS Quorn. The bell itself may be moved to the church for occasions of remembrance.

It is poignant that the display will be in place in time for the 75th anniversary of the sinking of the second HMS Quorn, a Hunt Class destroyer with the loss of over 130 members of the crew, two of whom were from Leicestershire.

The display is open to the public and available to view during normal Library opening hours.

Thanks go to Gary Hughes, Olwen Jones, Dennis Marchant, Sue Templeman and of course the Royal Navy for making the display possible.

Quorn Local History Group

Posted to website June 10th 2019

The 75th anniversary D-day commemorations has meant a busy time for the Quorn Local History Group who working with the Village Online Museum provided a display at the May Day carnival. Following on, the group were pleased to have been invited by the Royal British Legion Quorn Branch to take an enlarged commemoration display to the Legion's Cheese and Wine evening. This followed the War Memorial Service on 6th June and was well received.

The group are now able to announce that a temporary exhibition telling the story of the Quorn Camp is being held at the Community Library as part of the commemorations. Thanks go to the Community Library for their assistance in hosting this, the first of what is hoped will be a regular feature. Take the time to go and visit during normal library opening times and don't forget to leave your feedback.

The programme of monthly events also continues. After a very successful visit to the Taylors Bell Foundry on 25th May, we now look forward to a talk on Monday 24th June commencing 7.00pm at St. Bartholomew's United Church which is entitled 'Barrow Union Workhouse and the poor of Quorn'. We welcome back Sue Templeman to present what will be an interesting insight into life in the Barrow Union Workhouse including stories of several Quorn residents who found themselves on its steps.

Don't forget- half year membership is now available for £5.00. Full details at www.quorndon.com/quorn_local_history_group.php.

Quorn Parish Council News - May 2019

Posted to website June 6th 2019

It has been a busy month for the council, May 2nd saw the contested councillor elections when 38% of the Quorn electorate turned out to cast their votes for the 15 candidates. The Neighbourhood Plan referendum took place on the same day with a whopping 88% of residents voting 'Yes'.

The Annual Council meeting held on 4th May saw the election of Dennis Marchant as Chair, Olwen Jones as Vice Chair and the establishment of the three standing committees with Byron Chatburn as Chair of the Finance and General Purposes, Joanna Clarke as Chair of the Grounds and Facilities with Roger Price as the Chair of Planning.

Next came the Parish Meeting which was held on the 28th May, the Council chair presented the annual report and an outline plan for going forward. Reports were also presented by police Community Support officer Alistair Cochrane, County Councillor Hillary Fryer and Borough councillor Richard Shepherd.

Although not a large turnout those present made a valuable contribution with a lively comment and suggestions section.

For further information, visit the Parish Council web site at www.quorndon.com/parishcouncil.

Quorn Road Closure

Posted to website May 21st 2019

A temporary road closure is required on Warwick Avenue from 3rd June 2019 for up to 20 days. The road will be closed at its junction with Woodhouse Road. During the works, temporary multiphase traffic lights will be utilised at the junction of Loughborough Road, Woodhouse Road and Farley Way.

More information - the LCC press release, and street plan.

Quorn Neighbourhood Plan
Referendum - Thursday 2nd May 2019

Posted to website April 16th 2019

Do you want Charnwood Borough Council to use Quorn’s Neighbourhood Plan to help it to decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?

You can vote at Quorn Village Hall or The Club House, Quorn Football Club - please check your Poll Card.

View poster PDF and Facebook page.

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