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Quorn Village - welcome

This website supports community groups, the Parish Council, and businesses in Quorn. It is funded by local businesses, Quorn Parish Council, email subscriptions and a website design company.

We rely on your input to keep this site up to date, so please contact us if you can contribute.

Quorn Village News

Neighbourhood Plan Open Day

Posted to website August 17th 2017

An important date for your diary is Saturday 19th August 2017, 10.00am to1.00pm. This will be the first village ‘Open event’ and will take place in the Village Hall. It is an opportunity for the Quorn community to find out about Neighbourhood Planning and what it can and can’t do. It is our chance to tell the local community what has been achieved to date and what still needs to take place but importantly, it is your chance to have a say. Who knows you may even be willing to contribute and have something to offer to the process moving forward.

People will be there to answer any questions and there will be display boards with relevant and local information on, guidance notes about neighbourhood planning, examples of other Neighbourhood Plans, the chance for you to make your comments and theme group interest forms (for people to confirm interest if they wish to become involved). People will also be encouraged to identify suitable sites for environmental protection and any housing development.

So, this is your chance to come and see what’s happening and to have your say. The Quorn Neighbourhood Plan is facilitated by the Parish Council but is a Community project. Oh! And refreshments (free) will be available ... so come on down.

Charnwood Open Spaces Survey

Posted to website June 23rd 2017

The borough council are carrying out a survey on Open Spaces and are inviting residents views, and it covers Quorn. The timeframe is short as comments are required by 30 June.

Please complete Charnwood's on-line survey here:

Band on The Bank 2017 - Help Needed

Posted to website June 13th 2017

The organiser of Quorn's popular annual Band on The Banks concert is stepping down, and a new organiser is being sought - read this background information PDF.

Please contact the Parish Clerk if you can offer help.

Quorn joins NatureSpot Project

Posted to website February 24th 2017

A website has been set up which enables the viewing and recording of all aspects of wildlife occurring in our area for the parish of Quorn. On visiting the site you can add your own wildlife sightings and also check what else has been seen.

This is a very good resource for the village that in time will give important information about the success or otherwise of the various species living in and around our village. Please visit the website and add your sightings to support the initiative.

Quorn Library Opens for Business

Posted to website February 13th 2017

The Quorn Community Managed Library (CML) opened for business on a new site at Rawlins Academy on 8th February. The CML is run in association with Leics County Council by volunteers and is supported financially by Quorn Parish Council. The library will be formally opened at a launch event on 4th March.

For more information about Quorn Community Library, visit

 Quorn Library Team

Back row (L to R): Councillor Joanna Clarke, Quorn Parish Council Library Management Committee; Callum Orr, Principle Rawlins Academy; Ian Marron, Vice Chair Governors Rawlins Academy; Vicky Hayes, Volunteer; Janet Cross, Volunteer; Tricia Wray, Volunteer Coordinator; Anne King, LCC Community Managed Libraries Support Officer; Councillor Gary Hughes, Chair Quorn Parish Council; Wendy Baker, LCC Community Libraries Project Manager.

Front row (L to R): Councillor Olwen Jones, Chair Quorn Community Library Management Committee; Gill Bertinat, Operations Manager Rawlins Academy; Lauretta Collins, Volunteer; Christine Cawdell, customer; Councillor David Cawdell, Vice Chair Quorn Parish Council; June Hughes, customer.

Parish Councillor Vacancy

Posted to website January 31st 2017

A vacancy exists for a Parish Councillor for Quorn Parish Council - view PDF

If you have any queries about the above, please contact Christina, our Parish Clerk.

The Old School - an update

Posted to website January 31st 2017

If you haven’t seen or heard anything yet, you might discover something happening at the other end of Stafford Orchard. If all goes to plan work should be underway on the roof of the Old School, it’s scheduled to start about the time that your spring edition of the Quorndon may drop through your letterbox.

This Initial work is part of a restoration plan for the original section of the Old School, that’s the frontage that faces the park, to be precise the section between the buttresses. It was built in 1834 and owned and run by the Church of England, until passing into the hands of the local Education Authority during the last century. Its purpose, to provide an education for the poor children of the village. It is now so easy to imaging the echoes of hundreds of young voices from almost two centuries of Quorn’s fascinating history.

Getting to this stage has been an eight year slog for the Old School Trust, together with its owners the Parish Council, in a massive struggle to save this valuable building within the heart of our conservation area. There is still a long way to go, but we are now about to witness its rebirth to provide a fine public facility in the form of a Heritage Centre which promotes the rich history of Quorn and its neighbourhood and includes a Community Library with Local History Section, Exhibition Space, meeting Rooms for hire, a Social Area/Café and a secure Children’s Play Area featuring heritage games.

Money donated by Tarmac for the restoration of the roof, has made this exciting first step possible, additional funding is being sought, but a working section of the building is now foreseeable. If you find this news exciting and wish to be part of its future, or any of the Councils many involvements, why not offer to be a volunteer and join other volunteers in giving us a helping hand with this gift for present and future generations.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are seriously in need of volunteers. No matter how small it may seem to you, it could be vital help for us.

Gary Hughes
Quorn Parish Council - contact us

Creating a Neighbourhood Plan for our village

Posted to website January 27th 2017

Do you care about Quorn? Of course you do. Are you concerned about the increasing spread of housing development, its potential to merge our village with Loughborough, the impact of more houses (and people) on our limited resources (schools and medical facilities), increasing numbers of cars, congestion and pollution, lack of affordable housing and retirement housing?

Well ... you could play a vital part in helping to create a Neighbourhood Plan for Quorn which will help us all to shape a vision for keeping Quorn as a lovely place to live and meeting all of our needs for the future.

Charnwood Borough Council has given Quorn a status as a “designated area” to create a Neighbourhood Plan and the Parish Council will support the local community to build that Plan. But it is not a Parish Council neighbourhood plan, it is YOUR plan.

From April onwards, the Parish Council will support a Neighbourhood Plan Working Group to develop that Plan over the next few years. The Working Group needs local people from all sorts of ages and backgrounds to help shape that Plan (which will ultimately be decided upon by a local referendum in a few years time).

We don’t expect anyone to give a massive contribution but we can’t do this without a team of local people with a range of experience and vision to contribute their particular skills at the appropriate time.

We already have a Village Design Statement to protect the character of Quorn but we need a Neighbourhood Plan to give that real strength. The Government has given local communities, through Neighbourhood Plans, the power to do this.

If you would be interested in helping a Working Group, even for only part of the process, please get in touch with Cllr Dennis Marchant (Parish Council Office 01509 414491) or come and speak to your Parish Councillors at the May Day event on Stafford Orchard.

Together we can keep Quorn as a lovely place and help it to be a village that copes with the future.

Donation from Tarmac

Posted to website October 10th 2016

Tarmac have donated £202,100 to Quorn Parish Council via the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF), to support the development of Quorn’s Heritage Centre. The donation will help to install a new roof, gutters and downpipes and so kick start bringing the historic part of the Old School back into community use. Getting the work under way will support the Parish Council's application for funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to carry out the adaptations to the building to house the Heritage Suite, the Community Library and Lounge, a drop-in cafe and social area.

Chair of the Parish Council’s Project Team said: “We are delighted to be able to thank Tarmac for their donation. It will help bring back into use the well-loved Old School and is an excellent start to our campaign to enable the Old School to complement our very successful Stafford Orchard Park. We are working in partnership with the Quorn Old School Trust which has worked over many years to develop the ideas for this important building at the heart of our village.

Tarmac’s estates manager, Tim Deal, said: “We’re delighted to be supporting this project which will provide so many benefits to the local community. Supporting and engaging with the communities in which we operate is something we strive to do across our business, and donating to this project is a fantastic way to do this.

The LCF is an innovative tax credit scheme, enabling operators of landfill sites to contribute a portion of their landfill tax liability to support community projects local to landfill sites. Tarmac have supported a number of projects via the LCF, across the whole of the UK and Leicestershire specifically.

If you have any queries about the above items, please contact Christina, our Parish Clerk.

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